About Us

Socio-Economic Research and Development Centre [SERDEC] is a non-governmental, non- profit research and development organisation registered by law with the corporate affairs commission (CAC/IT/NO/70244) that operates to strengthen socio-economic development and democratic governance through Capacity Building, Advocacy and development programmes.


To put into motion through programs, actions that have a greater impact at enhancing socio-economic and sustainable development, strengthen citizen’s involvement in governance through research and strategic activities in the area of socio-economic policy reforms and development.


We envision an organisation that offers broad-based research and development program on socio-economic policies to strengthen democratic governance and make the world a better place for future generation


  • To Carry out Research and Publication on issues of socio economic development and democratic governance.
  • To organise training meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences and build the capacity of government and civil society groups to identify, dialogue and strategise on socio economic policies for integration into development process.
  • To advocate for social reform in addressing issue of better livelihood and support global actions in promoting the achievement of national and international sustainable development objectives.
  • To promote for transparency and accountability in governance and respect for human rights and the rule of law
  • To ensure for continuity, consistency and commitment on the part of Nigeria government to policies and programmes.
  • To provide an interactive platform for citizens and government to create a deeper understanding and awareness on development programs, Strategies and policies.


  • Our strategic approach is defined in our activities through:

    • Research and Publication
    • Policy Campaign & Advocacy
    • Lobbying & Networking
    • Capacity Building & Consultancy