SERDEC Laud President Buhari for accenting to the #Nottoyoungtorun Act.

“….if you really want to change something in Nigeria, and if you can organize yourselves and work hard towards it – you can achieve it”.… President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR
SERDEC commemorate with Nigeria youths on the signing of the #Nottoyoungtorun Bill into law by President Buhari. The new law signed amends Section 131(b) and Section 65(a&b) of the Nigeria constitution; this will address the age discrimination in contesting for elective offices and give young Nigerians the opportunity to explore the possibility of bringing their wealth of digital -age ideas to bear in governance and political leadership.

We thereby urge the president to ensure that this doesn’t end up as an effort in futility and expedite the needed action to accommodate it in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria through an amendment process. This is because it is only the constitution that provides for the ages of various political offices.

The Lead Director urges the #to-old-to-run political leaders to identify with the vision of this movement and proceed on voluntary retirement or face the reality of political humiliation at the poll as more young people are prepared to take charge of the political space. He noted that we cannot continue to recycle political leaders and expect different result, the country need to move forward by trying new leadership ideas and governance strategies.